Hi! And welcome to my portfolio! I'm Yo-Tina and a web/software developer. If you want to get to know my skills and the projects I've been working on.

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At my job with Roularta Media Group I helped create mail campaigns and eventsites. One of those eventsites is Marketer of the Year 2018. In my spare time I did some freelance projects for a chinese restaurant or a creative consulant. You can see some of my work by clicking on the title below. Some projects are still WIP.

Since december 2018 I work for CGM Belgium as full stack developer.

Cré Up

A website for a creative person, who started out by doing creative (photo)workshop.

This is a Joomla website, with a CMS that lets you edit pages as you like. This can be used to add new workshops to the website.

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LETS Brugge

My first official Wordpress website, using Wordpress' own engine for the CMS so we can easily change the text on the pages when it needs an update.

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West Flanders Warlocks Quidditch Club Harelbeke

This is still a WIP project.

This is my first ASP.NET Framework website where we have a connection to an SQL dataabse to get players and news items. This website is made for my Quidditch team to show online pressence. At the moment this is still a Work In Progress and not yet finished website.

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About Me


My name's Yo-Tina Verbraecken, I'm a twenty-something developer from Bruges, Belgium. I have a huge interest in Webdevelopment. I've studied Computer Science at HoWest.

I've been working at Roularta Media Group for the past two years as a Front-end Developer and I'm looking for a new challenge.

I'm keen to learn new things and always looking out to help someone if they're stuck.

In my spare time I play boardgames and Quidditch.











C# / .NET

React.js / Angular


General knowledge

OO Design Principles

Version Control

Unit Testing


Mac OS X Client

Windows Client


MS Office


Soft skills

Team player | Precise | Working with a deadline | Keen to learn new things | Flexible

You can download my full resume below.